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I work with inspirational female writers in business or who have a role as leaders of their tribe. My sessions combine skills honed for over ten years as an author of expert books, memoirs and fiction, but I add to it a little bit of magic that comes from my healing and intuitive background.

I only take on extremely motivated individuals who want to make things happen.

Here is what two of my clients had to say about their sessions:

I recently had a Book Writing Guidance session with Ange (July 2017). I had no expectations and no clear focus on WHAT we would be talking about. But that didn’t matter. The minute we got on the call Ange and I started talking and so much insight started coming out. She reminded me that it’s important to treat my book as a separate entity with its own energy and purpose. I had been mixing it with mine. She also reminded me to have much more FUN while writing instead of looking at it as another task. But I think the best information came when she started channeling about what I was going to do after the book. She confirmed things I had been told and even took it to a different level. She shared what she was being shown about the success of my book and even myself and the impact it would make on others. For me this was SO important. This was the part that I kept tuning out on when my guides tried to talk to me. This was the part I felt self doubt creep in when I allowed myself to venture down that energy path. Having her validate and then expand on the impact I would make gave me the boost I needed to continue to have that excitement and energy for my book and to really know exactly what to keep in it and what to leave out. Having this session with Ange allowed for a greater sense of trust in my book and the insight I needed reminding of as I continue down this path to publishing it. If you are feeling ANY pull at all to have a session with Ange you will NOT be disappointed. Ange is amazing at what she does and has a strong connection to energy with so much value to add. Her abilities will allow her to get you the exact information you need to keep you creating that masterpiece you are meant to!

Carrie Cardoso, The Empowerment Priestess

Ange and I had a call this week about my book (16th July 2017). I had no idea how the call was going to go, or even what or how my book would take shape. After our one hour call, I have a format, I have a way to write it by dictation, and I have the wisps of a topic that will form as I get it down. We used a combination of intuitive, practical and transformative conversation. Excited to get this project under way by reviewing her 5 day challenge. If you have a book idea but don’t know where to start, speak to Ange first. 

Jennifer Lang, Voice coach 

Both Carrie and Jennifer have completed the first draft of their book now (October 2017).

My sessions are £167 per hour and usually last one hour. However, I do offer an introductory rate of £145 for new clients for their first session. To check the types of sessions that I offer, click here. I also offer packages. My one month with book angel Ange can really get you started with your book. Click here to find out more.

If you already have a draft, you might be interested in my three chapter book critique. Click here to find out more.

Please contact me at anges de lumiere at gmail dot com if you are interested in booking a session with me. Don’t forget to tell me a little bit about you, your work, your tribe and the book you want to write or you are writing, as well as any previous books you have written.