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Why hypnotherapy helped me as a writer?

I have been writing (seriously) since 1996. My first novel was in French, my native language. Then I tried to have it published and burned out in the process. After that, I wasn’t able to write for nearly ten years. I was traumatised. So instead I used art as an outlet for all my creative juices. Not bad.

I didn’t even know if I would ever write again. My first novel was born out of the pain of witnessing my best friend’s struggle with hard drugs for over ten years with me on the other end of the phone at weird hours and watching her in her descent into hell. Did I really want to do this again?

Fast forward ten years: I have moved countries, given birth to babies and trained both as a trance medium and clinical hypnotherapist. This means I know about relaxation and how the brain works. This also means I know how to deal with the inner critic. A year later, I am able to write a 400 page encyclopaedia on modern spirituality. I know how to get in the zone and let it flow. I am not talking about channeling although I can’t deny being divinely inspired. I am talking about knowing how creativity works and how important meditation (which I taught for years as a reiki master) is for almost effortless writing.

This is all part of the offering I am now able to share with the world. I am so excited about it. My workshop is coming up on the 1st February 2014 and it will be packed with tips and practice. You can book your place at a 25% discounted price if you pay by the 22nd of January here. I would love to meet you in person.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere