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How tarot cards can make your writing easier and more fun

In my six month writing masterclass, I will teach you how to use the tarot to write your book. But why do I think that tarot cards can help? Tarot has been used to explore psychology for years. Karl Young was a big fan. There is a reason.

It is an amazing tool.

I have over ten years experience as a tarot reader. I trained with the Tarot Schol of New York. This gave me a deep knowledge of esoterism  but also symbolism. Tarot is not reserved for divination, it is also an amazing tool to explore the human psyche. And what tarot is really is a series of flash cards to tell a story. Not every deck does that. Some decks are richer than others. The Rider Wait deck, which has does not usually appeal as much to beginners due to its austere design, is by far the most complex and useful deck I have used. Each card is a world onto itself. You can find out about a whole character by looking at one card only. This is the book I recommend.

Tarot is so much more than a divination tool. It is a fabulous tool to explore the subconscious. To go to the root of the matter. But it can also help you get unstuck if you reach a part in your book where you don’t know where to go. Let’s say you were exploring the psychology of your main character (and this applies to memoirs too), you can pull a card to understand his or her true essence. Or find out what his conflict is. Just with I one card. If you picked the King of Pentacles for example, this would indicate that your main character is a mature male with a grounded attitude and possibly a fair amount of money. If you had pulled the King of Wands, it would be an entirely different feel to it. There, you would be looking at someone passionate and creative but also that possibly has issues with anger management.

How do tarot cards work? They do because everything is energy. In my seven day writing challenge, I encourage my clients to connect to the energy of their book through a guided meditation. I believe that books are independent energetic entities. So you don’t write a book but you let the book be written through you. You are a conduit. All you need to know is how to pull the information and understand it. Tarot cards are amazing way to do this. Tarot cards carry energy too. All symbols do, which is the reason why I recommend being careful what you wear. When you shuffle a deck of tarot cards whilst asking a question, you send an energy to the cards and they respond. You don’t have to over complicate. Just give it a try and have fun.

We certainly will in my masterclass when we do. And I will bring my ten years of experience in doing professional readings to help you make sense of the cards. My six month writing masterclass starts on the 1st June 2017. It is meant for female leaders or business women who want to write an inspirational book. Contact me through my page if you are interested and want to know more.

18920449_1372666346159125_1523624483490306702_nOn the 21st of June, at 1 pm UK time, I will be holding a free one hour webinar on how tarot can be used to help write your inspirational book to give you an idea of what the masterclass will be like. It will be held on my Facebook page but to make sure not to miss it, sign up here: click here.

To your writing,

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