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New Year resolutions: how to make them work

How many of us have made New Year resolutions? Or decided on looking back at the end of the year that we wished we had done this or that and not let time slip and nothing happened?

Here are a few pointers to make your new year resolutions (whatever you call them) work:

  1. Make them specific: don’t say “I want to write my novel this year”, say “I commit to writing one page per day”
  2. Break them into small steps: this may seem very similar to point nb 1 but you could say “I commit to writing 400 pages to complete my novel” which is specific but you could end up doing nothing because it is far too overwhelming. Committing to four pages a day is more reasonable.
  3. Break them into realistic steps: Even after you have broken down your goal into small steps, If you have a life packed to the brim, four pages a day might still be impossible. So work on the goal so it is actually achievable. Four pages a day might work for me, but what would work for you could be twenty pages per week-end. Or your first step might be to actually declutter your life so you have more time to write and that might involve learning to say no. Don’t run before you can walk. If that is the case, learn to say no. When you have mastered the art of saying no gracefully (that can take time), assess if that has created the space for you to commit to your writing. Then assess how you can break down the time into regular writing slots and commit to them. This might take six months. If you have a baby, it might take more. If you measure your success by something like a finished book, you will feel like a failure. But if you measure your success by a detailed plan of how to get from A to B, then even if there is supposedly nothing to show for it, you will have made progress as long as you can tick the small steps leading up to your big dream.
  4. Tie up a time schedule to your steps: if you don’t, you might find that you constantly let others things come first. Realise that your dreams and aspirations have to be on the top of your priority list. With things such a writing, especially if you have a day job, are a parent or have lots of friends, there will always be something more important. Not to mention that you might create something more important because of your own inner critic. So commit. Have a calendar on the wall and plan your week so you can achieve your small goals. Don’t be rigid but be committed.
  5. Make sure you reward yourself with something small when you reach one of your targets or goals. Have a nice walk in fresh air. Get that special latte. Watch your favourite TV programme or listen to some music.

For example, I have committed to writing three blogs per week for the month of January. It’s a little challenge I have set for myself. So here is the first one. Let’s see if I can keep the challenge.

The best to your creativity and your new year resolutions

Ange de Lumiere