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Writing a book through blogging (part 2)

I am one week into my writing a book through blogging experience and here is what I already experienced which differs from the experience of writing a book in the privacy of my own home (and head):

  • I have received very enthusiastic feedback from readers which indicates to me that there is great potential in the subject matter of my book. It’s a non fiction book but blogging about a novel is also possible. It just requires a little more creativity. I will write about this in another post. So I know there is an interest. I consider that fifteen followers in a little over a week for a blog is pretty good. I am not into numbers but sometimes numbers speak.
  • I feel I am actually writing for someone now. One of my followers engages with me almost on a daily basis and it motivates me to write more. Whereas without this engagement, I would probably find it harder to get on the screen and write, especially since it is about such a difficult subject: death.
  • It allows me more flexibility. I can just write more freely and I know I can organise things later. I find when I write into a word-processing software, I have to have a pre-existing structure or plot to be able to do the writing.
  • It has actually taken me in a different direction than I thought it would and I am loving it.
  • True, it also means I show my flaws in my writing as I don’t have someone to edit or proofread my writing before it becomes public but I can live with that. I hope the content will win over the fine details of delivery.

What has your own experience been of writing a book through a blog?

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere


Excuse number 3: Someone already wrote about it

The third excuse that writers create for themselves to not write is that it has all be done before.

This is an interesting angle. It is true that every single topic has probably been explored. However, should that stop you from writing about it? I don’t think so. We each have a unique vantage point and if you are able to offer a new perspective, then you should definitely go ahead with your idea. If you take the example of diet books, that has certainly not stopped people from writing more and inventing new diets almost very day. And as long as people will have an interest in weight loss, then more diet books will appear. I am not saying it is right. It just is.

Take the example of diaries. There are many books in that genre but you can always find a new angle. I loved the secret diary of Adrian Mole. That didn’t stop me really enjoying Bridget Jones’diary. Why should it? There can be travel diaries. Eating diaries (why not, that could be an interesting variation to cook books). Knitting diaries. Pregnancy diaries. I used to write a blog called the tiara diaries. How about the diary of a primary school teacher. The limit is your imagination, which in other words, means there should be no limits. Because at the end of the day, your reader wants one of three things: information, emotion or entertainment.

All you need to be is authentic.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere