Your inspirational book six month masterclass

If you are a women with three to four years (maybe more) in business who wants to increase her connection to her tribe or expand her reach but find it hard to find the time to write a book or find it daunting to do so because you don’t see yourself as an author, then worry no more. You have come to the right place.

You have an inspirational book in you

I know you have a book in you. Your life has been rich and eventful and got you where you are because you have a burning desire to change the world. And maybe you have tried writing that book before but lack the confidence to go ahead. Writing about you seems so weird. Your business is not about you, you say, it’s about others. But in order to truly connect with others, you need to become visible. Your business is build around you as a person. And your book should reflect that. Every business book has already been written. On every topic possible. But none of them have been written with your unique perspective. I know you want your business to make a difference in this world and your inspirational book could take your work that much further into the world.

Have you connected to the right book?

Maybe you have tried before and didn’t get the results that you wanted. Or maybe you are not sure what exactly you should write about. You want to find a way to make sure you use your time efficiently. That you are going to write the right book and finish it on time. This, my friend, can be done by connecting to the energy of your book. And I have just the right thing for you.

On two occasions in my writing career, I set out to write the wrong book. It wasn’t because I was not supposed to write these books. I know that one day, they will come out into this world. It was the timing that was off. I wish I had had someone like me to get me started on the right foot and avoid getting 100,000 words into a book before having to shelf it. And the reason why I didn’t write the right book was because I was writing the book with my head instead of my heart.

My masterclass is a six month masterclass to enable you to complete your book

If this is you, then my six month writing masterclass is for you. Not enough writers’ circles are populated by business women who get things done. This one will be different because you and nine other gorgeous inspirational female business owners will be in it.

My six month masterclass will help you find your book idea and work out a plan to write it. It will also support you along the way. This is the reason why the masterclass is a six month masterclass. Writing a book is like running a marathon. You can’t prepare in a week. And it is not wise to start running your marathon until you have trained. Let me become your own personal writing trainer.

I will be in the Facebook group every day. We will set weekly and monthly goals/intentions. And I will hold you accountable.

This is not your usual writing course. And here is why.

What makes me qualify to be your writing coach?

Who am I?

  • I am a corporate lawyer turned author.
  • I am a clinical hypnotherapist with ten years of experience.
  • I am a healer trained in several modalities including counselling skills, reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • I am an intuitive. I read the Akashic records and can find out about the bigger picture about your book in there.
  • I am a channeler and a medium. This means I can access the wisdom of all past famous writers.
  • I am a reiki master.

Writing a book can be easy

To write easily and effortlessly, you need to connect to the energy of your book. Until you do that, you will likely slave away at your manuscript and wonder why it is so hard and it is taking so long. Since I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and a reiki master, writing books has never been so easy. In 2009, I wrote my first non fiction book in six weeks. And that is the time span between starting to write the book and having it available as a paperback on the market. I know. Incredible, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder how it happened.

If you have a book in you, you don’t need a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. You don’t need to have even been good at English (or whatever your language is) in school. You do, however, need to learn how to tell a story. And that, I can teach you.

Masterclass outline

My course will be covering six modules in six months, all whilst you write your fabulous inspirational book. Here are the themes for each month:

  1. June : All about you – every writer has a voice. That voice comes from all the experiences that he/she has been through, their background, beliefs, language, culture, experiences, challenges and more. This first month, we will explore all that makes you so that you become aware of the rich tapestry that you bring to your book. We will also connect to your ideal reader so that you can write your book with her in mind. We will also explore what success means to you.
  2. July: Know your genre – we will be studying the main book genres and their rules. You may have had an idea of what your genre book is, only to find out, that another genre might be better suited. I started off writing a memoir but it got to personal so I switched that story to a novel where I can pretend it’s all my imagination. This might happen to you too.
  3. August: We will have a month break whilst you get on with your writing.
  4. September: The story grid – we will look into what makes a good story. This is important for all genres as non fiction books need good personal stories to make them more magnetic and interesting. Every topic under the sun has been written about, but it is your voice and your stories that will make your book fresh and a compelling read.
  5. October: Publishing options – you must not wait until your book is finished to explore book publishing options. The publishing world has become a complex market and I will help you understand the pros and cons of each route so you can decide what is best for your book.
  6. November: Increasing your visibility – again, you must not wait until your book is finished to start talking about it and building your following. Authors usually hate marketing but I will show you a way that feels authentic and fun.
  7. December: Editing – We will look at the skills that are needed to edit your beautiful manuscript and the different kind of professionals that you can hire to help polish your baby but also at when it is the right time to do so.

All you need is a Facebook account

The training will be delivered through a Facebook group. Each month, there will be one webinar on the topic with slides, a series of mini training videos (up to four), worksheets and you will be able to get support and your questions answered as we go along. You will have a clear topic for each week and actionable plans.

I might ask you to buy a deck of tarot cards though, as I will encourage you to use them when you get stuck. It’s no compulsory but why not get a bit of help when you need it.

My promise to you is that I will not hold back on my knowledge. Although there will be a limit to how many hours I spend interacting within the group, it will be rich and packed with useful information. And by the end of the course, you will have your first draft in your hand (or in a folder on your computer).

Early bird: 22nd May 2017

The early bird for the masterclass is £222 per month. It expired but those who participate actively in the challenge will continue to benefit from it until the 31st May. To join the challenge, click here.

The monthly price for the masterclass is £333.

By paying the first month, you commit to the six month masterclass.

To your writing

Ange de Lumiere

Automatic writing 

Automatic writing is a wonderful way to access higher guidance but it can also be fabulous to write books or blogs. It enables you to access your creative mind and possibly quite a bit more. You don’t have to believe in guides and Angels and you certainly don’t have to wear crushed purple velvet. I like to see myself as a grounded normal person. After all, I used to be a corporate lawyer. 

How do you do it? Here is how I do it. It might work for you or you might have to find your own way. This is a good starting point. First of all, it is a good idea to do a short meditation first. If you don’t have much time, taking three deep breaths would certainly help. Then ask your mind to go quiet. Set the intent that what you will write will not come from your mind but from your heart. You can write an invitation for higher guidance to come through. 

Then relax your body and either open a document in your computer or grab a pen and paper. If you use a computer, simply imagine that the guidance is flowing from your heart into your fingers without your mind being involved. If you use a pen, same thing really. Imagine the wisdom flowing straight into the ink. Allow the pen to freely write onto the paper without any expectations. You will not know what the pen or keyboard writes until it is being written. You will however, wonder if this is not your imagination. Stop. Who cares? What you will write is likely to surprise you and be much wiser than what you would have written with your mind. 

If your ego chips in, give it a job. Maybe send it off to have a nap. Or tell it that it can come back when you are finished to help editing the typos. 

I did automatic writing unknowingly last summer, when editing my memoirs, My Father Who Art In Heaven. At the time, I was on holidays and  I felt compelled to buy a fountain pen and purple ink to edit my manuscript. I followed my intuition, even though it felt a little weird. It is only in November 2016, when I launched my book crowdfunding campaign that I realised that it was my father who had asked me to get the fountain pen. My father hated computers and refused to use them whilst he was alive. It was the first time in my author career that I used a fountain pen to do edits. I usually do them directly on my computer. I even wondered how I would get all those edits types as it seemed such a waste of time to hand write everything. But my father had other plans. He did send me someone to help type all the corrections, to my relief. 

And then in March this year, I realised why the purple ink. Of course purple is the colour of heaven and of the crown chakra which connects us to the higher realms. So maybe not crushed purple velvet but purple ink instead. Try it and let me know how you got on in the comments below. 

Today (2nd May 2017) is the last day to join my free seven day I can help you write challenge

To your writing,

(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017

the i can make you write challenge

Hello everyone,


I am really excited to run my first 7 day free I can make you write challenge starting on the 24th of April. We are going to have so much fun.

But first why do I claim that I can make you write? Who am I?

Well, first, I am an author. I have completed five manuscripts and self-published two full length books. The first one in 2009 was a non fiction book and centered around my clinical hypnotherapy business which at the time catered mostly for women who wanted to lose weight. The second one, called My Father Who Art in Heaven, is a memoir and has just been released in March 2017. You can find out more about my work as an author here. So, as a professional author, I know what the writer’s journey is like. I was blocked myself for nearly ten years after trying to get my first novel published in 1996. I know, that’s over twenty years ago. Back then, writing was a hobby and my main career was in international law. This does come handy when negotiating book deals and agent contracts. He he he.

Second, I am a clinical hypnotherapist. Remember Paul McKenna: I can make you thin, I can make you rich… well I have decided to specialise in making people write. But not anyone. Here is my ideal client: a female inspirational leader. Someone who leads by example and whose occupation is deeply linked to her purpose in life and who has been told again and again that she should write a book but doesn’t know where to start. Or maybe she has tried and has never finished. She is probably stuck and would love to have help from someone who understands her. She leads a busy life.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I can help anyone with mindset issues. I can definitely help ladies with blocks. And as importantly, I can help you keep the momentum going which for writers is absolutely essential. Writing is a long distance running game. Not a fast race game.

Last but not least, I am a healer. I work with energy. And you might wonder what it has to do with writing but it has a lot to do with it. Books have energies. Books even have personalities. You want to tune in to the energy of a book to find out what it is really all about but also to find out if that is the right book at this point in time. I can also help with that.

So what is this challenge going to be like? I don’t want to reveal too much at this stage but by the end of the challenge you will have created a space for your writing. You will have created a specific time in the day to start your writing practice. You will also have connected to the energy of your book. We will also have explored some of the blocks that are likely to stop you writing it – and we will clear them. Thanks to that, your energy will be completely aligned with your book and the writing will be easy and effortless. Yes you read me correctly.

Before I trained a clinical hypnotherapist and a healer, writing was sometimes painful and often difficult. After I trained in those wonderful modalities, I wrote a non fiction book in six weeks. The experience was radically different. Like night and day. It was all the more fantastic that I was at the time suffering from a writer’s block that had lasted TEN years. It was a miracle.

And for now, good luck with your writing.


(c) Ange de Lumiere 2017

The 3 lessons I have learnt from my crowdfunding debacle

Everyone likes to be able to boast about how successful they are, so I was devastated when my crowdfunding campaign only manifested 10% of my funding goal. I curled up in bed and wished the world would just disappear, in good old introvert fashion. Then I went into anger. I was angry at everyone and everything. Why, oh why, did I do such a thing? Why did I have to keep humiliating myself? Followed a good ten days of lashing out and self flagelation. Then Christmas came and I had to pull my socks up. I mean, my husband didn’t even know I had launched and run a crowdfunding campaign on Publishizer. It would be too long to explain why but let’s say I am a cabinet writer. By day I am the busy mum of four kids, two of whom have autism and extremely complex needs and two of whom I home educate. I do most of my writing before everyone wakes up. My husband doesn’t know much about my writing because one, I don’t want him to read what I write, and two, he would worry that I overcrowded myself. I have a tendency to do that. 

Now that I have somehow recovered (although I am not sure I will ever completely) from the shock of the magnitude of my failure… I am ready to find the blessings in the situation. The lessons. Because you see, I know (I am a spiritual teacher) that there are always hidden benefits in every situation no matter how dark they seem. So what are the three gold nuggets I can find in my crowdfunding debacle. 

  1. Taking action is always better than not taking action: if you don’t do things, nothing happens. If you do something, you have 50% chances of succeeding and 50% of failing. That’s already 50% more than if you don’t do anything. With writing, it takes a lot of work to succeed. There is no flash in the pan succes. You hear about successful writers when they are successful but rarely before that. Their “instant” success might have taken them twenty years. JK Rowling is a good example. Thank God she never give up. Me and my children would have not had the pleasure of reading her books. And as the witches and wizards that we are who live in a Muggle world, it would have been unbearable. 
  2. Becoming an author requires becoming visible: A majority of authors are introverts who would prefer to spend time in their homes reading books rather than dealing with real people. Most of them cringe at the idea of becoming visible. What if someone criticises their work? What if they get haters? If you want to get your work out there and if you want to get it published, you have to understand that haters are a sign that you are doing your job of being authentic. You cannot attract the right crowds to you if you try to please everyone or try to avoid offending some. Stand up for what you stand for. Your message is too precious to water it down. I was crippled by the fear that coming out as a medium would ruin my reputation as a clinical hypnotherapist and even as a writer. I was also scared of being exposed as a fraud. I had to work past that to launch my crowdfunding campaign and that was very beneficial. 
  3. To succeed you have to fail first: I never thought I would embrace that concept before but the fact is that most people who are successful have also experienced failures. But what makes them different is that they haven’t let their failures stop them from trying again. Thats’ why perfectionists who let their inner critic cripple them never achieve anything and become critics instead. So there are two categories, the doers and the critiques. Which one would you rather be? 

I could probably find more gold nuggets in this experience. I hope you like those three. 

To your writing, 

(C) Ange de  Lumiere2016

How important is it to listen

The human experience is so rich that we writers could write stories until the end of time about what makes us human tick or grate. On this Valentine week-end, I am pondering on how important relationships are to humans and how difficult they are. Seemingly perfect relationship are rarely what they seemed. The reality of every day life is: it’s hard to live with someone for a long time without facing some kind of conflict or friction. As writers, it’s important we educate ourselves about psychology to be able to build realistic characters and situations that readers can relate to.

When I trained as a hypnotherapist, I bumped into a fellow student who was an achieved screenplay writer. I wondered what he was doing there. I knew who he was because a few years before I had done his creative writing summer class, so you could imagine my surprise to find him at the hypnotherapy school. Seven years down the line, I understand much better how clever he was. Exploring the depth of human nature is gold for writers and what better way than to be paid to listen to people’s stories.

So if you are a therapist of some kind, it looks like your skills are precious for your writing. Keep up the good work. For other writers, I would highly recommend doing a listening skills course. Listening skills – deep listening – is so valuable for writers. I thought I was a good listener until I did a one year long training course focused only on listening skills. It made me realise how we human beings always interrupt others when they speak to chip in. Most of our conversations are not true conversations, they are parallel monologues. I found through this experience that if you really listen to people and refrain from asking questions, you will alway hear everything you need to know.

Similarly, I believe that if you learn to get into a meditative state and visualise your characters, and listen deeply, you will learn all you need to know about them. They will tell you their story. And when you put two of them together in your mental room, all you need to do is eavesdrop on their conversation. It will make your work so much easier as a writer. Yet, most of us are incapable of doing this because our minds are over active and full of thoughts. Most of us don’t realise how packed solid our mind is with thoughts. There is a voice in there that yaks yaks yaks. And it is only when we become aware of it that we can start to master it.

I liken the mind to a beautiful horse. Mine is pure white. I know very little about horses but I know this: if we let the horse into our lives with no training, it will wreck it. In order to keep our sanity as writers, we need to master the mind. There are many ways to do this but meditation and the practice of quieting our minds are paramount. I use to teach meditation and there are a lot of myths around it. You don’t have to isolate yourself in a room, sit in a lotus position and chant mantras whilst burning incense. Meditation comes from mindfulness and mindfulness can be found in every day tasks. Personally I find cooking, washing the dishes, ironing, hovering and painting (artistically) very good to practice mindfulness. All you need to do is to be totally in the moment and refrain from thinking about other things. You will, inevitably. The work is to bring yourself back to the task. It can take a lot of practice to even begin to be able to do these things mindfully without wanting to run away. That’s normal. We humans love to distract ourselves from what is essential. And when you quiet the mind, you start hearing that little voice that tells you what you really need. Most people are scared to hear that little voice. Yet, if they did, they would never have to ask advice from other people.

To your creativity

Ange de. Lumiere

Feng shui for writers

Feng shui is the art of placement and keeping the energy flowing in a home for optimum living. I was a skeptic, as with everything, when something made me change my mind. I was at a massive crisis point in my life where my job was stale, my marriage on the rocks and my health seriously compromised. At that time, my stress was so high that my GP suggested that I go see a shiatsu masseuse. She was also a yoga teacher. Fabulous woman.

The masseuse was an ex zen nun who had lived in a monastery in Japan. She was training in Feng Shui with a Vietnamese master. She was so enthusiastic about it that I became curious. I hired the guy for a consultation. I was so desperate that I was willing to try anything. By the way that is when you usually make fabulous discoveries and open your mind. Most of my clients as a clinical hypnotherapist and reiki therapist had exhausted all other options and came to me out of despair. They later said they wished they had started with me. It takes a desperate situation to open one’s strong mind sometimes.

My masseuse’s teacher came to my home a few weeks later and didn’t even let me open my mouth. He was such a character. Thick Vietnamese accent (we have a lot of Vietnamese refugees in France), bright button eyes and the traditional goaty that he kept on rubbing with an understood look as he marched through the rooms of my three bedroom Paris flat. As he marched, he would drop little rhetorical questions that hit home every time. “Does your husband spend hours at the office pretending to have lots of work? ” Then as he walked down the corridor “Have you reached a plateau at work and feel there is no possibility for improvement?” And the last one when he entered our bedroom “have you been suffering from poor health? ” As you can imagine, I was gobsmacked and believed he might turn into Merlin in a puff of smoke anytime. How could he have known?

He offered remedies that were equally as mind boggling. But again, I had paid his fees and had nothing to lose. When I placed a little glass fish in a tank above our drinks cabinet and started changing the water every day, my husband rolled on the floor laughing. I was also asked to place a chime hanging between two doors and mirrors inside a cupboard. And then I waited. Within three weeks I had a fabulous job offer, which enabled me to move across the channel and leave hubby not-so-laughing on the floor. My health improved, although I suspect it had more to do with leaving a toxic relationship. The fact that he pretended to have lots of work in the office was no longer my concern.

I became a big fan of feng shui. I am a pragmatic girl. If it works I will do it again. When I arrived at my fabulous London flat overlooking Harley Street with two young children in tow, I faxed my Vietnamese master a plan of the flat so he could check it out. When I called, he only had one thing to say “House of Happiness, Miss de Lumiere.” He laughed softly “Good house to live in” he added in his thick Vietnamese accent.

There are several schools of Feng Shui but my preferred one is intuitive. You use a bagua map which divides your home into nine sections and map out the different areas that match different areas of your life. The idea is that you keep your house organised to allow free flow of energy and health in your life. I would encourage you to focus on the areas around career and creativity. You find bagua maps easily on google. To help you find the energy to de clutter your house, I highly recommend a small book by Karen Kingston called “Clear your clutter with feng shui”. Maybe you could just start with your desk. The golden rule with decluttering is to only focus on a small area at a time and only commit to twenty minutes at a time. You would probably never dream that tidying up one drawer on your house can shift things in your life but why don’t you humour me? For one thing, I know that every time to declutter, my energy levels increase. Clutter is an energy drainer. It will make you feel tired and dull.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere

How to write the best valentine card ever

I made this valentine card in mosaics

I made this valentine card in mosaics

It might be a bit too late to write a book for your sweetheart this Valentine. If you would like to, why not sign up for my next writers workshop so that gives you plenty of time for next year. These things have to be thought of well in advance. Personally I love the idea. You could use my friend Liz Harwood’s books to capture the moments.

In the meantime, here are some tips for writing the best valentine message this year. You still have time to personalise a card. This is always 300 times better than buying a card from a shop and so much more fun. Here we go step by step:

  • get into the creative zone and write a message (more on this below)
  • select a beautiful photo from your old shots or take one with your phone (there are lots of hearts to capture in window shops at the moment, flowers in flower shops… And rainbows)
  • in something like PowerPoint, import the photo and write your words
  • save it as a JPEG on a memory stick
  • run to your local photo shop (unless you have a photo printer at hand – you lucky thing)
  • get a print and
  • stick it on a piece of card.

The question remains: how to get inspiration? To get inspiration, you need to get in the zone. Here is how you do it: Sit in a comfortable seat and start to day dream. Maybe you want to think about the first time you met your significant other. Or perhaps something they did recently that really moved you. If so, try to capture those images in your heart and write down what they were. Don’t worry about the words at this point. Just write down what you see. Take a deep breath and let it all out. It could be that another memory comes in your mind. Take your time. Don’t rush. You are in your creative space. Allow the images to evolve if necessary.

Once you have a first “draft” of what you want to write. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Relax some more and read it again. Leave at least an hour before you do so. This time, you want to tighten up your text a little. Maybe there are some repetitions. Maybe some unfortunate use of words. That’s ok. That’s what second drafts are for. See it as the pruning of an overgrown tree. Give it another hour or more (if you can) before you work on your third draft.

The third time you work on your message, you are fine tuning. You might want yo get your thesaurus out at this point so you can use clever words. Personally I like to keep it simple. This is the precision work. That’s when you can unleash the word nerd that you are. You are working on your finish product.

One more thing before you print it: read it out loud.

If it’s really good, you might want to sell it to card companies… They are always looking for good texts for valentine cards.

And if you are “single” and happy to be, why not write a loving message to yourself? The only way to truly encounter meaningful love is to love yourself first, genuinely and wholeheartedly. Don’t expect someone to do the dirty work. A meaningful relationship complements the self love that you already have. It does not work if it comes as a crutch. So start loving yourself today. Totally. Radically. Write that love note to you. You won’t regret it.

And if you really love that message to self: why not sell it to a card company. To my knowledge, no one had designed a valentine card to self yet, but it think it’s a great idea.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere