I am very happy to offer you my free ebook when you sign up for my newsletter. It’s called How to Get Started with your Book and offers seven golden steps to get started with your writing practice, not matter which part of your writing journey you are at, complete beginner or seasoned writer.

This little ebook contains the wisdom of over ten years of experience as a writer but also as a healer and clinical hypnotherapist. Quite a powerful combination to get writers to write. Here is what one of my readers has said about the ebook:

“I downloaded Ange de Lumiere’s free ebook and just love how different it is than anything I have read on the process. It seems so aligned with our beliefs (Note: this is from a group of soul aligned business people). I love how she discusses connecting to the energy of your book, your why, your fears. The whole thing is written and approached from being universally expensive and authentic, rather than being in the energy of a restrictive or tedious process. I can’t wait to dive in more.. Thanks Ange!!!!’

Amanda Heisman

You can download your copy here.