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What to do if you can’t find a title for your book

Very often people will tell me they are stuck because they can’t find a title for their book. In this short video, I explain to you what to do so that you can get unblocked.

This is taken from my #askmetuesday FB live in my group on facebook. If you are a female author (even if you have not yet written a word but writing is calling you) then join my inspirational female writers playground.

I would also love to have your comments on the post.

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Is your dream of the perfect publishing deal keeping you small?

I recently had a thought. Could our dreams of the perfect publishing deal keep us small? I was shown a parallel between the “ideal publisher” and Prince Charming. I have learnt the hard way that love needs to come from within before anyone else can love us. My divorce was a painful wake up call in the romantic department. I looked to my husband for the feeling of being loved and it never happened. It had to come from within me.  If we look for an outside source of love to feel loved, we use our romantic partners as crutches. And this week, I was shown the same thing happens to authors with publishers. 

Yet almost every author dreams of meeting the perfect publisher, in a way that resembles fairy tales. We expect publishers to build us as authors. We also expect them to have a magic wand and make everything all right. Up to that meeting point, we labour in our dens, writing away, hoping that one day we will be rich and famous. If only, we could meet the perfect publisher. 

But life is not a fairy tale. Prince Charming does not exist. There is no kiss in front of a camera and happiness ever after. And as authors, we need to have realistic expectations. This does not mean that we should not aim for the stars but we need to build ourselves. We cannot expect publishers to “do it for us”. We need to work on our mindset. We need to learn the trade. We need to understand how publishing works. We need to become familiar with how businesses are run, especially the publishing business. Only then can we enter in a balanced partnership where we stand in our power with our publishers. Otherwise, the fairy tale may end in a nightmare, or at best a disappointment followed by a divorce.

What are you ready to do to grow up as an author? An author that stands in her power?

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(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017

Why channeling is a good idea for writers

Tuesday in my group, the inspirational female writer’s playground, i did a Facebook live about channeling. Channeling is misunderstood by many. And I also had many misconceptions about it before I learnt more about it. Channeling is really connecting to an energy and letting that energy flow through you. You can channel anything. Galactic councils or Ascended Masters but what I am interested in, at I can make you write, is to make you understand how channeling your book can absolutely transform the experience from something hard to something easy. Wouldn’t you love that?

So here is my vlog on channeling today. Enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I can be contacted through my facebook page.

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Why you want to establish a writing routine

A lot of people say to me:  “I don’t need to establish a routine. I write when the Muse shows up.” I am afraid I need to call on the BS. Waiting for the muse to write is one subversive that your inner dragon finds to keep you in your comfort zone. It is also one way that your inner dragon stops you from stepping into your greatness. Are you going to let it keep you small?

Last month I delivered a training about how to train your inner dragon. You cannot train your inner dragon if you don’t recognise its voice. The problem is that most people don’t see their inner dragon for what it is. Your inner dragon is so fiercely set on keeping you safe that it will use any excuse to keep you small. And it is mightily clever. When you say that you don’t need to have a regular writing routine, it is not really you saying this. It is your inner dragon.

One way to beat your inner dragon (or as I prefer to day train it) is not to give him or her any lead way. Establishing a routine is precisely what will enable you to train your inner dragon. If you have an regular writing routine, when your inner dragon tells you that you don’t have the time, you can gently tell it “No, this is the time I do my writing. Come back when I am finished.” Your inner dragon is like a child. It needs boundaries. If the boundaries are not firmly established, it will push them further and further. As a consequence, your inner dragon will be in the driver’s seat, and believe me you don’t want that to happen. Not as a writer anyway. If that inner dragon drives your car, you will be forever relegated to the 90% of wannabe writers tho talk about their book but never get it done. The 90% who lament “if only I had the time”. You don’t have time. You make time, by making the writing of that book your priority.

I know I sound harsh. Believe me I am a softie when it comes to parenting. But when it comes to my inner dragon, I am not. And that’s because I know that if I do, I forever put my life on hold. As a mum of four kids with highly complex needs, I will never have the time. So I make it. I am not going to tell you all the excuses that your inner dragon is likely to dish up. I already have in my training. You are in luck however, as I have decided to offer it as a free webinar on the 23rd of October. You can sign up for it here.

If you prefer one to one work, read here.

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What gardening taught me about writing

Today, we harvested our first vegetables with the kids as part of our home schooling. I cannot tell you how long I have been wanting to have my own veggie patch, but with four kids, and whilst they were still in school, I never found the time. Now it is part of my “curriculum” as a parent-teacher, I made time to start my first tiny veggie patch.

And here it is.


Not much to be proud of, you think? I disagree.

And here is the parallel with writing. To get writing, you first need to plant a seed. But before you can plant the seed, the soil needs to be ready. It could take years for your writer’s soil to be fertile enough to be able to grow anything. Also, you have to be ready too, as a gardener. I was super scared to start my veggie garden because what if I failed? Right? But here is what struck me today: if you never start your veggie patch, you always fail. You don’t have a veggie patch. It is a failure as far as veggie patches are concerned.

If you try and you only get the harvest that I got, it is still more of a success than if I hadn’t started it. Can you see?

I want you to be kinder to yourself as a writer. Acknowledge how far you have come. Maybe the idea of your book has been germinating for years but this year, you plucked up the courage to say: I am going to do it this year. And perhaps it is completely overwhelming. I understand. Starting my veggie patch was so overwhelming. I knew nothing about gardening. It felt that I had so much to learn. But instead of sticking my head in a book or signing up for a course, I just did it. I prepared the soil. My soul daughter gave me some seedlings (I know a bit of a cheat but I started late), I planted them, watered them every day, weeded them. And six months down the line, here we are. Had I dug out the plants when they were little to find out if they were growing, I would have no garden.

Similarly, with your writing, especially when you are at the seeding stage, don’t doubt your ability to write. Honour the fact you have a seed. Get excited about the possibility. Prepare the ground: all it takes is to open you heart and your head to the idea that you have a book in you. Plant the seed. “Maybe there is a writer in me”. Then let this thought grow. Don’t dig it. Don’t let your inner dragon burn the seed. Allow it to grow. Whilst it is buried deep inside of you, it may look like nothing is happening but it is. You just need to let it grow.

Then one day, when it’s ready, your book seed will come to the light. What you will see will seem tiny and frail but under the ground, there will be some healthy roots and a big stem. That’s when you need to water it. And weed around it. Weed every single thought about not being a writer, about not having anything interesting to say, about not being ready, about no one wanting to read what you write. You don’t know. Let the seedling grow. OK?

And if you need encouragement to grow bigger as a writer, why not book a session with me. Contact me through my page here. I love nurturing budding inspirational female writers. Start by joining my group: the Inspirational Female Writers’ Playground. We will all cheer and support you.

To your writing,

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Why every writer should post selfies

I am from a generation of people who shy away from cameras. The mobile phone was invented when I was a young mum and back them, it was a rather heavy “portable” phone. No need to say there was no camera or apps to play with. In contrast, my children’s generation now consider mobile phones as completely normal. And with it, the concept of selfie is as natural as sending and receiving texts. 

When I published my first book, the journey of the slim soul, in 2009, I dragged myself to a photo studio to get a professional looking photo of myself for the back of my book cover. I had been told that it was essential to have a photo shoot for a writer. I am really glad I did because it boosted my self esteem. Up to then, I had perceived myself as this ugly duckling. When I saw the glamorous photo of me that’s the studio produced, I had to pinch myself. I was actually rather good looking. I slapped the photo at the back of my book and thought nothing more of it. 

Things started to feel a bit off when I did book signings. I would get worried that people would not recognise me from the picture and expose me as a fraud. In real life, I looked nothing like my glam photo. I never wear make up. My hair is a curly mess. And in addition to that, I struggled to lose my baby weight after my fourth baby, by which time, as my book was about slimming, I completely stopped promoting it even though I had an agent by then. 

In 2013, I decided to stop dyeing my I hair. It took three years to completely regrow it and by then, I had an even bigger obstacle to people recognising me from my glam photo. Now I looked like the mother of the author. Not the author anymore. I sank even further into shame. I had become the prisoner of a photo that never really looked like the every day me. But I had no alternative. It seemed everyone around me who had a camera was determined to take a photo of me at the wrong angle or with horrendous lighting which meant I looked ugly and fat. Every single time. My body image was very low and I hid even more from cameras.

Then I stumbled upon a thirty selfie challenge run by a lovely coach. I signed up and forced myself to stand in front of my phone every day. The first few days were horrendous. I didn’t manage to smile, but I stuck with the challenge. My intuition told me that it was important. She encouraged us to post a selfie to share about our day so I wrote little snippets about my life so that slowly it became less about my face and more about me as a whole person. And I started to relax. It took a lot more than thirty days for me to actually start to smile at the camera. But eventually I did. 

What also happened is I learnt how to take better selfies. I started playing with angles and light until I was satisfied with the result. I also played with my wardrobe and found out what was more flattering. But the most satisfying aspect of taking selfies is that I was in control. I no longer had to put up with people taking horrible photos of me and believing that I looked the way they had captured me. I took my power back over my own image and self worth. It was a real turning point. 

Next, I realised that being in front of a camera became less threatening. And I started to smile more. The more I smiled, the more people warmed up to me. And I started to connect to my readers more. 

Selfies are an essential tool to connect to your readers. They make you more human. I doubt that my glam picture ever did that for me. If anything, it created a distance between me and my readers and I would never want for that to happen. Your readers need to see your face often and if you post only your glam Photoshoot photos you will be missing a golden opportunity to connect to them heart to heart. And as an inspirational writer, I think connecting to heart to heart with your readers should be top of your priority list. 

Selfies are also a great way to become more visible and nowadays, every author needs to be visible. Gone are the days where they were allowed to be their often introvert selves and hide in their writers’ dens. 

I am running a thirty day selfie challenge in my writer’s group. If you would like to sign up, click this link:

To your writing, 

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How to train your inner dragon

This month, in the Academy, the live FB training is about how to train your inner dragon. You know your inner critic. Your inner bitch. That voice that constantly yelps at you how uninteresting you are. Why you shouldn’t even get started with your book. The voice that constantly undermines you. 

Most people recommend that you boot it. They say it is the enemy. They encourage you to go at war with it. 

I disagree. 

If you start a war with your inner dragon, you will never win. Just like people who go at war with their bodies for being overweight will never win either. Because your inner dragon is the voice of your subconscious and your subconscious is the one who drives your car. No matter what you claim consciously, if you have an underlying programme that is in conflict with what you want, you will struggle to achieve what you want. Your inner dragon wil throw a spanner in the works just as you reach that goal and will sabotage your dreams. Dragons are powerful creatures. You cannot win by fighting them. 

What you need  is to learn to train your inner dragon. That’s right. And if you join the Academy before the doors close on the 8th of September (2017), you will be able to attend the FB live where I will show you how. 

To find out more about the Academy and join, click here

Hope to see you there. 

To your writing,

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