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Excuse number 3: Someone already wrote about it

The third excuse that writers create for themselves to not write is that it has all be done before.

This is an interesting angle. It is true that every single topic has probably been explored. However, should that stop you from writing about it? I don’t think so. We each have a unique vantage point and if you are able to offer a new perspective, then you should definitely go ahead with your idea. If you take the example of diet books, that has certainly not stopped people from writing more and inventing new diets almost very day. And as long as people will have an interest in weight loss, then more diet books will appear. I am not saying it is right. It just is.

Take the example of diaries. There are many books in that genre but you can always find a new angle. I loved the secret diary of Adrian Mole. That didn’t stop me really enjoying Bridget Jones’diary. Why should it? There can be travel diaries. Eating diaries (why not, that could be an interesting variation to cook books). Knitting diaries. Pregnancy diaries. I used to write a blog called the tiara diaries. How about the diary of a primary school teacher. The limit is your imagination, which in other words, means there should be no limits. Because at the end of the day, your reader wants one of three things: information, emotion or entertainment.

All you need to be is authentic.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere


Excuse number 2: I am not good at it

The second excuse to not write that I have identified is saying to yourself “I am not good at it”.

I consider writing and swimming to be quite similar. It’s not something you can learn by merely watching others. If you sat by a pool all day and watched swimmers, it wouldn’t make you a better swimmer, would it? So standing by written work and complaining that you are not talented won’t cut it. As the saying goes, writing is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

It takes an average of 10,000 hours to learn any skill to a professional standard so the question to ask yourself is “Are you willing to out your time and energy into it?” And in a funny way, this brings us back to the true reason behind excuse number 1: motivation. If you have a purpose and a clear vision, then you will find the time. No one said that it would happen overnight. There is no miracles with writing. Even talented writers have had to work at their craft.

To start with, you are not going to be very good at it, although maybe, if you are lucky, you are better than most of us mortals. But just like the story of the tortoise and the hare, natural talent is not the only factor. Hard work comes into it for 90%. Consistent practice. Making time. And if you have that natural self motivation capacity, you will go further than most talented writers. How does that sound?

So what are you waiting for? And if you have issues with motivation, there is help. This is what I am best at. And that is why I claim that I can make you write.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere

Excuse number 1: I don’t have the time

This is going to be one of the topics we will be discussing in my workshop: time.

Not having the time to do something is always a question of motivation. Let me give you an example. When my daughter started wearing braces, she had been told clearly how important it was for her to brush her teeth as the braces create extra areas where plaque can build and she impressed me by how dedicated she was. Eighteen months down the line, however motivation dropped. We went for a routine appointment and the dentist said she wasn’t cutting it. An appointment with the hygienist was made and the hygienist explained to her what would happen if she continued to be complacent about brushing her teeth and that the damage would be irreversible. Her motivation was rekindled immediately although as most of us do, she first tried to undermine the hygienist arguments (not in front of her but in the car journey home) and tried to convince me why the hygienist was wrong.

We are all guilty of becoming complacent. And the excuse of not having the time is in reality an issue of motivation. If we have a clear goal or commitment, we always make the time.

To give you another example: I wanted to enter a competition for a short film. It was the holidays and my house was full of kids. I have four. I had no idea how I would find the time to write a short film. But I am a very competitive person and really wanted to enter that competition and of course there was a deadline. So I made time. Don’t even ask me how I did. I don’t even know myself.

So I encourage you to set a goal.

And once you are committed, scrutinise your daily habits. When do you waste time? When do you have “dead” time? Is it on your way to work? Is it whilst dinner is cooking? Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Ot watching you tube video clips? Or it could be that you need to learn to say no. And this is something we will be discussing in my next blog.

If your motivation and commitment levels are right, believe me you will find time.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere