1e1f208a716cd5fdaa7732ea7ee25183Ange is a French renaissance woman who is passionate about words and books.

Her purpose is to help you to get started writing and to guide and inspire you along the way. Her strength lies in her passion for knowledge and knowledge sharing and her natural talent at mentoring.

Her own writing practice is very versatile – which means she can help new aspiring authors with tips no matter what genre they write (blogging, fiction, non fiction and film). Her mid term goal is to found her own publishing house with both (I) publishing services for authors who want value for money for self publishing advice and services and (2) more classic publishing.

She started off her career as a trilingual corporate lawyer in Paris, her native city. After a highly successful career spanning over ten years, travelling all over the world, she was offered a job in England as retribution for her good work in a stock exchange launch. She then specialised in knowledge management and training, for lawyers, developing tools to share information and increase performance and training programmes.

As part of a redundancy plan, she left full time employment in June 2006 and retrained in clinical hypnotherapy. She allowed herself to explore her artistic gifts by dedicating the next few years to the visual art of mosaics and taking part in the Severn Art Trail for seven years. She also explored her healing and intuitive gifts through spiritual healing, reiki, mediumship and tarot readings.

Ange started writing her first novel in 1996, in French, her native language. She then experienced a ten year writer’s block after being burnt out. In 2009, she wrote a non fiction book called Journey of the slim soul. In 2010, she wrote her memoirs. In 2012, she secured a literary agent. In 2013, she wrote a film script. She has just started writing a cook book and plans to write another non fiction book later in 2014.

She lives in North Bristol and is the happy mother of four children ranging from 18 years to 2 years.

You can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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