How it is crucial to make sure you write the right book

Most authors start writing a book with no real idea of whether the book they are writing is the right book. I am not saying that they should do market research, although if they are writing a business book that would make a lot of sense. I am saying that authors are actually a conduit for something bigger. Their books exist energetically in an independent form from them and what they need to understand is that before they write a word of their book, they need to connect to the energy of the book that wants to be written through them. Not the other way around.

This is a lesson I learnt the hard way in my twenty year career as an author. And I had to learn it twice. The first time was when I wrote a 120,000 book about modern spirituality in 2009. I was so thrilled with myself. Who wouldn’t be. I had produced this masterpiece. Then I went to a clairvoyant to suss out my chances of success… and she told me I was supposed to write a book about slimming. You can imagine how gutted I was.

You would think I had learnt my lesson. But it happened again in 2016. Yes, that’s right, only a year ago. I was working on a novel. Second draft. I signed up for a writing course to hone my story telling skills (up to then I had focused mostly on non fiction) and the first thing I was shown was that this wasn’t the book I was supposed to work on. I was down to my first draft and ready to actually pitch agents. To say I was angry at myself is an understatement.

My deepest desire is that as a book coach I can save you the time I wasted writing the wrong book. And this is where my free ebook comes in. In it, I describe the seven steps every writer should complete before they even write the first word of their book. And step one is connecting to the energy of your book. Going on a date with it. This is probably the most important step of them all.

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The best to your writing.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2017


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