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Why writing a book is good for your business

The Why of your book (as we explore in my Mini Course on how to get started with your book) is different from the purpose of your book. The why is related to you mostly, and possibly to your audience. It can be a self development aspect, or maybe a need to reflect on your journey or learning. The purpose, on the other hand, is more specific. And if you are a woman in business, or a leader of some sort, the purpose of your book is to further your work. 

So how can a book expand your work?

A book will expand your work first and foremost because it will establish you as an expert. People still look up to people who write books. There is a wow factor. And it can be a wonderful way to start a conversation. When I tell people that I am an author, there is an immediate interest. Not everyone might be interested in the topic of my book, but it starts a conversation. And having conversations with potential clients is good. 

A book also increases your “know trust and like factor”. It sets you apart. It increases your charisma. Charisma is important as an entrepreneur. It is a way for you to enter the life of your potential client and get them to hear what you have to say after you say goodbye. Even if it is just them looking at the book cover, and not yet reading the book, you are now in view all the time. You have become part of their lives. Physical books have a better presence than ebooks that can just go hiding in someone’s tablet. 

A book is a wonderful way to take your client on a journey. And if it is well written and compelling, your client will move closer to you. But here is the catch. It will only help your case if it is beautifully written and on course. You need to weave in just the right level of personal information to engage with your reader and make them feel your presence besides them. Your book needs to be clear and inspiring. Confusing your reader will create the opposite effect. And if you are a first time author, it will take a lot of practice. Writing is practice practice practice. As the saying goes 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. And this is the reason why it is paramount to hire the help of a professional. 

A book will get you speaking engagements, get you on podcasts or even on the radio and TV. It wil increase visibility. It will also force you to get visible, if that is something that is hard for you, it can be a beautiful process. The halo effect is bigger for authors that get published traditionally. And the reason is that self publishing has become much easier nowadays with variable levels of quality. But a respected indie author can get as much clout as a traditionally published author, especially if the following is big. This however, cannot happen with a single book. 

Don’t expect an overnight success. As with everything else, promotion takes time. And most of the benefits are indirect. I love Chris Guillebeau’s title: 279 days to overnight success. Writing and publishing take time, although not as much time as most people think, but it is not a racing game. It is a long term strategy. 

However, as an expert, it takes you into a different league. 

Is that where you want to be?

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To your writing

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