Automatic writing 

Automatic writing is a wonderful way to access higher guidance but it can also be fabulous to write books or blogs. It enables you to access your creative mind and possibly quite a bit more. You don’t have to believe in guides and Angels and you certainly don’t have to wear crushed purple velvet. I like to see myself as a grounded normal person. After all, I used to be a corporate lawyer. 

How do you do it? Here is how I do it. It might work for you or you might have to find your own way. This is a good starting point. First of all, it is a good idea to do a short meditation first. If you don’t have much time, taking three deep breaths would certainly help. Then ask your mind to go quiet. Set the intent that what you will write will not come from your mind but from your heart. You can write an invitation for higher guidance to come through. 

Then relax your body and either open a document in your computer or grab a pen and paper. If you use a computer, simply imagine that the guidance is flowing from your heart into your fingers without your mind being involved. If you use a pen, same thing really. Imagine the wisdom flowing straight into the ink. Allow the pen to freely write onto the paper without any expectations. You will not know what the pen or keyboard writes until it is being written. You will however, wonder if this is not your imagination. Stop. Who cares? What you will write is likely to surprise you and be much wiser than what you would have written with your mind. 

If your ego chips in, give it a job. Maybe send it off to have a nap. Or tell it that it can come back when you are finished to help editing the typos. 

I did automatic writing unknowingly last summer, when editing my memoirs, My Father Who Art In Heaven. At the time, I was on holidays and  I felt compelled to buy a fountain pen and purple ink to edit my manuscript. I followed my intuition, even though it felt a little weird. It is only in November 2016, when I launched my book crowdfunding campaign that I realised that it was my father who had asked me to get the fountain pen. My father hated computers and refused to use them whilst he was alive. It was the first time in my author career that I used a fountain pen to do edits. I usually do them directly on my computer. I even wondered how I would get all those edits types as it seemed such a waste of time to hand write everything. But my father had other plans. He did send me someone to help type all the corrections, to my relief. 

And then in March this year, I realised why the purple ink. Of course purple is the colour of heaven and of the crown chakra which connects us to the higher realms. So maybe not crushed purple velvet but purple ink instead. Try it and let me know how you got on in the comments below. 

Today (2nd May 2017) is the last day to join my free seven day I can help you write challenge

To your writing,

(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017


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