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How tarot cards can make your writing easier and more fun

In my six month writing masterclass, I will teach you how to use the tarot to write your book. But why do I think that tarot cards can help? Tarot has been used to explore psychology for years. Karl Young was a big fan. There is a reason.

It is an amazing tool.

I have over ten years experience as a tarot reader. I trained with the Tarot Schol of New York. This gave me a deep knowledge of esoterism  but also symbolism. Tarot is not reserved for divination, it is also an amazing tool to explore the human psyche. And what tarot is really is a series of flash cards to tell a story. Not every deck does that. Some decks are richer than others. The Rider Wait deck, which has does not usually appeal as much to beginners due to its austere design, is by far the most complex and useful deck I have used. Each card is a world onto itself. You can find out about a whole character by looking at one card only. This is the book I recommend.

Tarot is so much more than a divination tool. It is a fabulous tool to explore the subconscious. To go to the root of the matter. But it can also help you get unstuck if you reach a part in your book where you don’t know where to go. Let’s say you were exploring the psychology of your main character (and this applies to memoirs too), you can pull a card to understand his or her true essence. Or find out what his conflict is. Just with I one card. If you picked the King of Pentacles for example, this would indicate that your main character is a mature male with a grounded attitude and possibly a fair amount of money. If you had pulled the King of Wands, it would be an entirely different feel to it. There, you would be looking at someone passionate and creative but also that possibly has issues with anger management.

How do tarot cards work? They do because everything is energy. In my seven day writing challenge, I encourage my clients to connect to the energy of their book through a guided meditation. I believe that books are independent energetic entities. So you don’t write a book but you let the book be written through you. You are a conduit. All you need to know is how to pull the information and understand it. Tarot cards are amazing way to do this. Tarot cards carry energy too. All symbols do, which is the reason why I recommend being careful what you wear. When you shuffle a deck of tarot cards whilst asking a question, you send an energy to the cards and they respond. You don’t have to over complicate. Just give it a try and have fun.

We certainly will in my masterclass when we do. And I will bring my ten years of experience in doing professional readings to help you make sense of the cards. My six month writing masterclass starts on the 1st June 2017. It is meant for female leaders or business women who want to write an inspirational book. Contact me through my page if you are interested and want to know more.

18920449_1372666346159125_1523624483490306702_nOn the 21st of June, at 1 pm UK time, I will be holding a free one hour webinar on how tarot can be used to help write your inspirational book to give you an idea of what the masterclass will be like. It will be held on my Facebook page but to make sure not to miss it, sign up here: click here.

To your writing,

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The fear of offending

Beginner writers often fear offending people if they write what they really want to write.  I know. I did it. Like everyone else. I was afraid to come out as the real me. For years I hid the fact that I have a spiritual connection because I came from a background where education and intellect were worshiped. Intuition wasn’t. Even as I write, I still fear being ridiculed by all those academic writers who value logic over reason. I can reason all right. I used to be a corporate lawyer and a damn good one as well. But.. and it is a big but, what made me the best lawyer was the combination of my intuition and my intellect. Because I had been raised in a family that despised intuition and believed that intuition lowers the intellect, I was conflicted. It took me years to own my truth. I am here to show people who are ready to see it that combining intuition with intelligence takes you to your highest potential. In fact, in my world, intelligence comes from intuition but that’s a subject for another blog.

So why are beginning writers so afraid to offend?

It could be that they think they should write to please everyone to get more sales, or that they are afraid of being judged, or for memoir writers that their friends and family will get offended. These are all valid fears. They are real. Ask any seasoned writers and they have pissed off a lot of people but here is why you should and must go beyond your fear of offending: you need to be authentic and you can’t be authentic if you hold back on what you have to write. Let me explain.

You are not for everyone.

Don’t try to please everyone.

The world needs YOUR voice and if you are too afraid to stand out, the world won’t find you. The RIGHT people won’t find you. And the haters and the people who want to be offended will get offended anyway because you know as well as I do that those who want to get offended will. Right?

Ask seasoned writers about the letters they receive from complete strangers who accuse them of revealing details about their lives. Ask them about those hate letters. But at the end of the day: none of this matters. You must write what you have come here to write. Does that make sense?

You must write the book that is meant to change the life of one person but aggravate others. You need to be BRAVE. You need to have the courage to STAND OUT. So do it. Write that first draft as if no one was going to read it. Give yourself that much freedom to explore what you really have to say.

I moved countries, write in a language that is not my native language and use a pen name to give myself that freedom. And still, I tend to hold myself back. Nowadays, it is not my family that I am afraid of offending. I don’t even tell them what I am writing. It is the internet troll who is going to write an offensive comment on one of my blogs. But there is one thing I learned by being in the online business and that is that you need to be authentic and that there will always be haters. In fact, some coaches encourage you to celebrate your first hater as the sign that you are becoming visible.

BEING BRAVE is one of the topics we will explore in the first module of my six month online writing masterclass for fabulous inspirational writers. It starts on the 1st June. To join the masterclass, contact me through my Facebook page.

To your writing,

(c) 2017 Ange de Lumiere

Your inspirational book six month masterclass

If you are a women with three to four years (maybe more) in business who wants to increase her connection to her tribe or expand her reach but find it hard to find the time to write a book or find it daunting to do so because you don’t see yourself as an author, then worry no more. You have come to the right place.

You have an inspirational book in you

I know you have a book in you. Your life has been rich and eventful and got you where you are because you have a burning desire to change the world. And maybe you have tried writing that book before but lack the confidence to go ahead. Writing about you seems so weird. Your business is not about you, you say, it’s about others. But in order to truly connect with others, you need to become visible. Your business is build around you as a person. And your book should reflect that. Every business book has already been written. On every topic possible. But none of them have been written with your unique perspective. I know you want your business to make a difference in this world and your inspirational book could take your work that much further into the world.

Have you connected to the right book?

Maybe you have tried before and didn’t get the results that you wanted. Or maybe you are not sure what exactly you should write about. You want to find a way to make sure you use your time efficiently. That you are going to write the right book and finish it on time. This, my friend, can be done by connecting to the energy of your book. And I have just the right thing for you.

On two occasions in my writing career, I set out to write the wrong book. It wasn’t because I was not supposed to write these books. I know that one day, they will come out into this world. It was the timing that was off. I wish I had had someone like me to get me started on the right foot and avoid getting 100,000 words into a book before having to shelf it. And the reason why I didn’t write the right book was because I was writing the book with my head instead of my heart.

My masterclass is a six month masterclass to enable you to complete your book

If this is you, then my six month writing masterclass is for you. Not enough writers’ circles are populated by business women who get things done. This one will be different because you and nine other gorgeous inspirational female business owners will be in it.

My six month masterclass will help you find your book idea and work out a plan to write it. It will also support you along the way. This is the reason why the masterclass is a six month masterclass. Writing a book is like running a marathon. You can’t prepare in a week. And it is not wise to start running your marathon until you have trained. Let me become your own personal writing trainer.

I will be in the Facebook group every day. We will set weekly and monthly goals/intentions. And I will hold you accountable.

This is not your usual writing course. And here is why.

What makes me qualify to be your writing coach?

Who am I?

  • I am a corporate lawyer turned author.
  • I am a clinical hypnotherapist with ten years of experience.
  • I am a healer trained in several modalities including counselling skills, reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • I am an intuitive. I read the Akashic records and can find out about the bigger picture about your book in there.
  • I am a channeler and a medium. This means I can access the wisdom of all past famous writers.
  • I am a reiki master.

Writing a book can be easy

To write easily and effortlessly, you need to connect to the energy of your book. Until you do that, you will likely slave away at your manuscript and wonder why it is so hard and it is taking so long. Since I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and a reiki master, writing books has never been so easy. In 2009, I wrote my first non fiction book in six weeks. And that is the time span between starting to write the book and having it available as a paperback on the market. I know. Incredible, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder how it happened.

If you have a book in you, you don’t need a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. You don’t need to have even been good at English (or whatever your language is) in school. You do, however, need to learn how to tell a story. And that, I can teach you.

Masterclass outline

My course will be covering six modules in six months, all whilst you write your fabulous inspirational book. Here are the themes for each month:

  1. June : All about you – every writer has a voice. That voice comes from all the experiences that he/she has been through, their background, beliefs, language, culture, experiences, challenges and more. This first month, we will explore all that makes you so that you become aware of the rich tapestry that you bring to your book. We will also connect to your ideal reader so that you can write your book with her in mind. We will also explore what success means to you.
  2. July: Know your genre – we will be studying the main book genres and their rules. You may have had an idea of what your genre book is, only to find out, that another genre might be better suited. I started off writing a memoir but it got to personal so I switched that story to a novel where I can pretend it’s all my imagination. This might happen to you too.
  3. August: We will have a month break whilst you get on with your writing.
  4. September: The story grid – we will look into what makes a good story. This is important for all genres as non fiction books need good personal stories to make them more magnetic and interesting. Every topic under the sun has been written about, but it is your voice and your stories that will make your book fresh and a compelling read.
  5. October: Publishing options – you must not wait until your book is finished to explore book publishing options. The publishing world has become a complex market and I will help you understand the pros and cons of each route so you can decide what is best for your book.
  6. November: Increasing your visibility – again, you must not wait until your book is finished to start talking about it and building your following. Authors usually hate marketing but I will show you a way that feels authentic and fun.
  7. December: Editing – We will look at the skills that are needed to edit your beautiful manuscript and the different kind of professionals that you can hire to help polish your baby but also at when it is the right time to do so.

All you need is a Facebook account

The training will be delivered through a Facebook group. Each month, there will be one webinar on the topic with slides, a series of mini training videos (up to four), worksheets and you will be able to get support and your questions answered as we go along. You will have a clear topic for each week and actionable plans.

I might ask you to buy a deck of tarot cards though, as I will encourage you to use them when you get stuck. It’s no compulsory but why not get a bit of help when you need it.

My promise to you is that I will not hold back on my knowledge. Although there will be a limit to how many hours I spend interacting within the group, it will be rich and packed with useful information. And by the end of the course, you will have your first draft in your hand (or in a folder on your computer).

Early bird: 22nd May 2017

The early bird for the masterclass is £222 per month. It expired but those who participate actively in the challenge will continue to benefit from it until the 31st May. To join the challenge, click here.

The monthly price for the masterclass is £333.

By paying the first month, you commit to the six month masterclass.

To your writing

Ange de Lumiere

Automatic writing 

Automatic writing is a wonderful way to access higher guidance but it can also be fabulous to write books or blogs. It enables you to access your creative mind and possibly quite a bit more. You don’t have to believe in guides and Angels and you certainly don’t have to wear crushed purple velvet. I like to see myself as a grounded normal person. After all, I used to be a corporate lawyer. 

How do you do it? Here is how I do it. It might work for you or you might have to find your own way. This is a good starting point. First of all, it is a good idea to do a short meditation first. If you don’t have much time, taking three deep breaths would certainly help. Then ask your mind to go quiet. Set the intent that what you will write will not come from your mind but from your heart. You can write an invitation for higher guidance to come through. 

Then relax your body and either open a document in your computer or grab a pen and paper. If you use a computer, simply imagine that the guidance is flowing from your heart into your fingers without your mind being involved. If you use a pen, same thing really. Imagine the wisdom flowing straight into the ink. Allow the pen to freely write onto the paper without any expectations. You will not know what the pen or keyboard writes until it is being written. You will however, wonder if this is not your imagination. Stop. Who cares? What you will write is likely to surprise you and be much wiser than what you would have written with your mind. 

If your ego chips in, give it a job. Maybe send it off to have a nap. Or tell it that it can come back when you are finished to help editing the typos. 

I did automatic writing unknowingly last summer, when editing my memoirs, My Father Who Art In Heaven. At the time, I was on holidays and  I felt compelled to buy a fountain pen and purple ink to edit my manuscript. I followed my intuition, even though it felt a little weird. It is only in November 2016, when I launched my book crowdfunding campaign that I realised that it was my father who had asked me to get the fountain pen. My father hated computers and refused to use them whilst he was alive. It was the first time in my author career that I used a fountain pen to do edits. I usually do them directly on my computer. I even wondered how I would get all those edits types as it seemed such a waste of time to hand write everything. But my father had other plans. He did send me someone to help type all the corrections, to my relief. 

And then in March this year, I realised why the purple ink. Of course purple is the colour of heaven and of the crown chakra which connects us to the higher realms. So maybe not crushed purple velvet but purple ink instead. Try it and let me know how you got on in the comments below. 

Today (2nd May 2017) is the last day to join my free seven day I can help you write challenge

To your writing,

(C) Ange de Lumiere 2017