Feng shui for writers

Feng shui is the art of placement and keeping the energy flowing in a home for optimum living. I was a skeptic, as with everything, when something made me change my mind. I was at a massive crisis point in my life where my job was stale, my marriage on the rocks and my health seriously compromised. At that time, my stress was so high that my GP suggested that I go see a shiatsu masseuse. She was also a yoga teacher. Fabulous woman.

The masseuse was an ex zen nun who had lived in a monastery in Japan. She was training in Feng Shui with a Vietnamese master. She was so enthusiastic about it that I became curious. I hired the guy for a consultation. I was so desperate that I was willing to try anything. By the way that is when you usually make fabulous discoveries and open your mind. Most of my clients as a clinical hypnotherapist and reiki therapist had exhausted all other options and came to me out of despair. They later said they wished they had started with me. It takes a desperate situation to open one’s strong mind sometimes.

My masseuse’s teacher came to my home a few weeks later and didn’t even let me open my mouth. He was such a character. Thick Vietnamese accent (we have a lot of Vietnamese refugees in France), bright button eyes and the traditional goaty that he kept on rubbing with an understood look as he marched through the rooms of my three bedroom Paris flat. As he marched, he would drop little rhetorical questions that hit home every time. “Does your husband spend hours at the office pretending to have lots of work? ” Then as he walked down the corridor “Have you reached a plateau at work and feel there is no possibility for improvement?” And the last one when he entered our bedroom “have you been suffering from poor health? ” As you can imagine, I was gobsmacked and believed he might turn into Merlin in a puff of smoke anytime. How could he have known?

He offered remedies that were equally as mind boggling. But again, I had paid his fees and had nothing to lose. When I placed a little glass fish in a tank above our drinks cabinet and started changing the water every day, my husband rolled on the floor laughing. I was also asked to place a chime hanging between two doors and mirrors inside a cupboard. And then I waited. Within three weeks I had a fabulous job offer, which enabled me to move across the channel and leave hubby not-so-laughing on the floor. My health improved, although I suspect it had more to do with leaving a toxic relationship. The fact that he pretended to have lots of work in the office was no longer my concern.

I became a big fan of feng shui. I am a pragmatic girl. If it works I will do it again. When I arrived at my fabulous London flat overlooking Harley Street with two young children in tow, I faxed my Vietnamese master a plan of the flat so he could check it out. When I called, he only had one thing to say “House of Happiness, Miss de Lumiere.” He laughed softly “Good house to live in” he added in his thick Vietnamese accent.

There are several schools of Feng Shui but my preferred one is intuitive. You use a bagua map which divides your home into nine sections and map out the different areas that match different areas of your life. The idea is that you keep your house organised to allow free flow of energy and health in your life. I would encourage you to focus on the areas around career and creativity. You find bagua maps easily on google. To help you find the energy to de clutter your house, I highly recommend a small book by Karen Kingston called “Clear your clutter with feng shui”. Maybe you could just start with your desk. The golden rule with decluttering is to only focus on a small area at a time and only commit to twenty minutes at a time. You would probably never dream that tidying up one drawer on your house can shift things in your life but why don’t you humour me? For one thing, I know that every time to declutter, my energy levels increase. Clutter is an energy drainer. It will make you feel tired and dull.

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere


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