Writing a book through blogging (part 2)

I am one week into my writing a book through blogging experience and here is what I already experienced which differs from the experience of writing a book in the privacy of my own home (and head):

  • I have received very enthusiastic feedback from readers which indicates to me that there is great potential in the subject matter of my book. It’s a non fiction book but blogging about a novel is also possible. It just requires a little more creativity. I will write about this in another post. So I know there is an interest. I consider that fifteen followers in a little over a week for a blog is pretty good. I am not into numbers but sometimes numbers speak.
  • I feel I am actually writing for someone now. One of my followers engages with me almost on a daily basis and it motivates me to write more. Whereas without this engagement, I would probably find it harder to get on the screen and write, especially since it is about such a difficult subject: death.
  • It allows me more flexibility. I can just write more freely and I know I can organise things later. I find when I write into a word-processing software, I have to have a pre-existing structure or plot to be able to do the writing.
  • It has actually taken me in a different direction than I thought it would and I am loving it.
  • True, it also means I show my flaws in my writing as I don’t have someone to edit or proofread my writing before it becomes public but I can live with that. I hope the content will win over the fine details of delivery.

What has your own experience been of writing a book through a blog?

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere


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