Writing a book through blogging

Last week, I decided to start a new blog as a tool to write my next book. I had actually already started writing my book three months ago on my computer but I was looking for a new way to write a book. I had never done it before and I always get excited when I try something new. But it’s not only that. I always walk the talk, so unless I experiment and try new things, how can I write about it? And how can I teach about it either?

Only four days into this new experience, I can already see the huge potential in writing a book this way. Of course, in order to be able to do that, you need to overcome the fear that someone is going to steal your idea. It takes some work. I know. And for scaredy cat that I am, probably more than for anyone else. But here is the secret weapon: no one can be you. No one has your unique way to see life and talk about it. No one has had your life experience. No one has as much passion about your subject than you do. That is, of course, if you have followed my advice to only write about what you are passionate about.

Here is how I envision the process and its advantages:

– it is easy to write a book one blog at a time. It’s not so daunting. You can cut the work in small chunks that are easy to write.
– you get to play with your story or subject matter and get some invaluable feedback from your readers.
– you can ask help to shape your book from others who will be delighted to help you along the way
– you can get the necessary encouragement along the way from other bloggers
– by the time you are finished, if you have done your job correctly, you will have a substantial following for your blog of people who will be interested in buying your book (yes it is surprising but it can be an incredible motivator to buy a book when you have been associated with the process or offer it to friends or family)
– the following that you create along the way serves as a pre-launch marketing campaign and makes the selling of the book a lot easier when you finish it
– you will have a much clearer idea of your readership and market
– you might even land a book deal by publishers who will read your blog without having to look out for them (that is super bonus as far as I can see)
– and last, did you know that if you do it on wordpress, you can automatically import it into the book blurb software for easy publishing?

If you have experienced writing a book through a blog, had this been your experience? Can you share advantages that I might have missed?

To your creativity

Ange de Lumiere


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