Watch your back

I learnt the hard way that if you don’t look after your back as a writer, your back will hurt and it won’t get any better with time. And I don’t mean people stabbing you.

You need to mind how you sit because sitting at a desk is not healthy and can cause back pain or worsen existing problems. There is a tendency to slouch and as a writer, it is all too easy to get engrossed into what you are writing and completely forgetting you have a body until your body reminds you with a vengeance. I will share a link at the bottom of this blog which suggests technicalities to make sure your office chair is actually doing what it is supposed to do for you. it is not enough to have an ergonomic chair, it has to be adjusted to you so that the seat is aligned with your knees and your elbows are supported properly. I am not however a specialist in back pain and I encourage you to contact your doctor or professional if you have specific back issues.

The three things that have worked for me and that I offer for your consideration (remember everyone is different so what works for me might not work for you) are the following:

  • Using an exercise ball instead of a chair
  • Doing yoga to relax the shoulders and neck (I linked to what I consider to be one of the best yoga DVD I have ever owned – and I don’t get anything from promoting it)
  • making sure I am active and look after myself, doing stretches on a regular basis

You can read more about ergonomics here, but I encourage you to do your own google search and have more than one opinion. Just don’t forget you have a body. It is far too easy to do.

To your creativity,

Ange de Lumiere


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