Why do writers get blocked?

There are many reasons that can stop someone from getting into writing or that can block a successful author even if they have written an excellent book (in fact the more successful the bigger the risk of experiencing a block).

Here are some of them:

  • lack of confidence
  • lack of belief in yourself
  • pressure put on yourself about writing
  • anxiety around writing
  • fear of failure
  • running out of inspiration
  • too high expectations
  • expecting to write the great English/American/French (or any other nationality or language of your choice) novel in one go
  • setting yourself goals such as writing a NY Times best seller book
  • depression
  • life’s challenges taking over and clouding creativity
  • taking oneself too seriously
  • paying too much attention to what other people think
  • going through personal hardships
  • pressure to produce work
  • deadlines
  • constraints
  • burn out
  • being afraid of not being able to repeat a performance
  • writing about something personal that is still too painful
  • perfectionism
  • mixed feelings about: writing, being published, being successful, not being successful, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being judged, fear of being criticised, etc
  • unresolved painful experiences of rejection
  • unrealistic expectations
  • misunderstanding of the creative process
  • ignorance as to how the mind works
  • fear of taking risks
  • believing someone else’s opinion on whether you are good at writing or not

Luckily, I can help you with all of these, through my first hand experience as a writer with decades of practice and through my experience as a therapist. I have managed to unblock people in one session and sometimes even in ten minutes. There is no need to dig painful memories. This is the great advantage of solution based therapies. 

I offer help in one to one session or in workshops. Feel free to book either. Workshop places are only confirmed when full payment has been made on my website (in the online shop). Message me directly on this page if you have any questions.

To your creativity,Ange de Lumiere


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